DMS camera system

This DMS camera system is used for the judgement based on the characteristics of the driver's human face image. Thus manage the driver's behavior correctly to prevent driving risks.


HD face detection camera with night vision;
Wide dynamic ADAS camera;
With built-in speaker and microphone;
With built-in WIFI module;
Works in day & night;
Working distance: 50-100cm;



4G Communication Operator Mobile, Unicom, Telecom
SIM Card Format  Patch type, Card type
Antenna Built-in
Position Mode GPS, TOPGNSS
Antenna Built-in
WIFI WIFI Hotspot Supports up to 6 client links
USB USB Test Post For test
Video Face Detection Camera Professional Grade Infrared HD Camera
Face Detection Make-up Light Japanese Infrared Supplementary Light, Certified by Human Eye Safety
ADAS Camera Professional Wide Dynamic ADAS Camera
Audio Speaker Built-in
Microphone Built-in
Sensor Acceleration Sensor 3 Axis Acceleration Chip
Vehicle Bus OBD-II Supports 11939 and OBD-II Vehicle Interfaces
Working Distance 50-100cm  
Working Condition All Day Day, Night
Power Voltage Range  12~24V
Supply current  Working Current  <2A@12V
Environment Working Temperature -30~+70
Waterproof IP54  
Installation Fixed Bracket Installation Screw or Double Sided Tape


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DMS Camera System
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