BSD Radar Warning System For Trucks

BSD Radar Warning System For Trucks


01 Specification
Item Parameter
Operating frequency 77GHz
Detection range on both sidesof the body 3m
Vehicle rear detection range 80m
Horizontal angle 120°
Update target rate 33Hz
Detection range accuracy 0.36m
Detection angle error ange
Detect the relative velocity error range ±0.25 m/s
Operation voltage 9V-16V
Power Consumption <300mA(Single)
Operation Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
IP Rating IP 68

02 Function
Blind spot detection
Note: As the below photo, the shadow parts will be the detection area. As the car driving the same direction with car 1, there is a car approaching in the part 2 or part 3, the system will have a sound or LED flash alert. (Blind area detection range is 3M of the backside of your car).

Lane change assistant
Note: As shown on the left, the areas 2&3 of the shadow parts are the lane changing function areas.If there are vehicles coming the same direction as the car 1 and getting closer to the car 1 in the area 2 or 3, the system will beep and the LED light will flash to give a warning. The farthest detectable distance is 15M behind the car.

03 Feature
1. 77G HZ high performance microwave sensor
2. Open door early warning function
3. LED light alarm, Sound alarm, Double security
4. All-day work, not affected by the weather
5. Detect 3*80m long distance and wide area behind the car
6. No need to pierce holes, does not affect the appearance of the car

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