AI BSD Digital system Solutions For Trucks

AI BSD Digital system Solutions For Trucks

Recommended installation model: bus, truck, driving school coach

Taking the truck as an example, there are hidden dangers in the driving process:
①The right blind area is easy to be ignored when the speed is too fast
②The body is too long, can not see the rear blind area, and the rear car is encountered when changing lanes, and the risk is large

① For the visual field blind area existing on the right side of the truck, install the blind area monitoring system, to identify nearby pedestrians, cars, lamp posts, and automatically alarm.
② For cars coming from the rear, install a lane change warning assistant system

2.Product composition
AI camera、7 inch display、Blind Spot Detection

3.Function introduction
①Pedestrians and vehicles monitoring and early warning
If the AI camera is focused on the right blind spot, the AI camera will mark the recognized pedestrians as yellow boxes and the cars as green boxes and the distance values will be displayed so that the driver can judge the distance of obstacles.

If the AI camera is aimed at the rear blind area, when a pedestrian or a car appears in the blind area, the border of the screen turns red, and the buzzer sounds a warning.

Pedestrians, vehicles in the blind area, red box warning

②Oncoming vehicle early warning and reminder
Millimeter-wave radar gives early warning to vehicles behind, and a buzzer sounds a warning sound when a vehicle is too close.

4. Installation position
① The camera is installed on the rear side of the roof

② The millimeter-wave radar is installed at the rear bumper of the car

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