Ethernet 360°AVM system For Passenger Car

Ethernet 360°AVM system For Passenger Car

01 Product specifications
Model: AV2101
Camera: 4 channels 1080P
Video output: Ethernet video output
·Original vehicle channel
·Original UI
·Original model
·Touch operation

02 Applicable vehicle models
SAIC Volkswagen: ID.4X, ID.6X, Lindu L, ID3, Touron X Touron, Weiran
FAW-Volkswagen: ID.4XCross, ID.6XCross, Lanjing, Lanxun, Golf

03 Function
Support OE touch function
Silky touch, effectively connected to the original car touch CAN.

Integrated core PCB design
Integrated core PCB design, more stable quality, faster and more stable signal transmission.

Original Ethernet solution
Original vehicle channel, original UI/ model, support customization, original OE case: Volkswagen MIB2P Panorama.

04 Feature
·Hd night vision AHD-1080P pixels camera
·Panoramic image based on standard Internet protocol transmission, no black screen, no lag, faste
·Four-way video driving record

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