Microwave radar blind spot detection systems with RCTA

This microwave radar blind spot detection systems (BSD system) is used for detecting the objects in the blind area of the rear and side field of the vehicle when you are driving. When a vehicle (or other moving object) enters into the detection range, the BSD system will alert the driver with LED light blinking or/and Buzzer sound beeping to let the driver know the safe timing for lane change and reversing, thus significantly lower the potential risks of collision accidents and save lives. It can also be applied for the purpose of vandalproof and antiriot for safeguard when you stay in a car.


24G Hz, high sensitive microwave radar sensor
With built-in RCTA function
Work under all kinds of weather and brightness condition
Suitable for both high speed and low speed driving status
Wide Detection range: 3x15 meters covering side and rear blind area
With LED light warning and buzzer sound warning, dual alert assurance
Hidden and non-drilling installation, no impact on vehicle’s appearance
OE quality standard; extra long-term 3 years warranty
pass EMC & FCC certification testing
24g microwave radar bsd


Operating frequency    24GHz 
Side detection range  3 meters
Rear detection range 15 meters
Horizontal angle 120º
Update target rate 50Hz
Detection range accuracy 0.36m
Detection angle error range
Relative velocity detection error range  ±0.25 m/s
Alarm relative speed When the relative speed of target vehicle vs vehicle is less than 140km/h, the system is working.
Detected target minimum speed Relative speed of target is more than 2.5 km/h.
Response time 50ms
Antenna tunnel 1Tx 1R
Antenna transmission output 12dBm
IP Rating IP67
Operation voltage            9V‎‎‎–16V (typical 12V)
Power consumption ≤500mA @12VDC
Operation temperature -40℃–+85℃
Storage temperature -40℃–+95℃


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