front and back dual 1080P 10inch streaming media

Universal streaming rearview mirror
This streaming rearview mirror supports non-destructive installation, WiFi connection to mobile phones, IP68 waterproof, and can be installed on many models


Reversing image, automatic switching of gear reversing
Comes with WiFi, mobile phone can be connected to view video
1080P dual recording front and rear, 120 degrees front view, 150 degrees rear view
Automatically release memory, loop recording
Built-in G-sensor collision sensing
The rear-view camera adopts IP68-grade glue-filled waterproof technology
Operating temperature coverage [-20 degrees ~ 70 degrees], easy to deal with the daily weather


input signal 2 AHD cameras (front/back)
screen type touch screen
screen Resolution 1280*320(10 inch)
Power consumption 2.25W
Front camera video resolution 1920*1080/30FPS(1080P)
Rear lens video resolution 1920*1080/30FPS(1080P)
Video file format MP4
Video compression format H.264
Image Format JPEG
image resolution Default 1920*1080
Loop recording 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes (default 1 minute)
G-sensor low, medium, high, off (default off)
Memory card Maximum support 128GB (10C card)
2.4G WIFI Connect the mobile APP to view the video
Rear view camera supply voltage DC5V

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