What are the common troubleshooting methods for car cameras?

What are the common troubleshooting methods for car cameras?

Jan 23, 2021

The most common faults of car cameras are image jitter, no image, blurred image, tilted image, etc. However, the convenience of solving these problems is also very simple. The following is a brief introduction to the troubleshooting method of the car cameras head failure.

First, there is no image.

If there is no image, it is recommended to check whether the plug is loose or not properly inserted, and then check whether the system is open or disconnected and check one by one.

Second, the picture is blurred.

The blurry picture is probably due to the accumulation of dust on the lens, which blocks the line of sight of the lens. It is recommended to clean the lens. Of course, it may also be caused by the quality of the equipment.

Third, the picture shakes.

The reason for the image jitter of most car cameras is that the bracket that fixes the lens theme is loose, so the solution is very simple. It is recommended that you adjust the angle of the bracket and fix the camera to prevent it from loosening again.

Fourth, the screen is tilted.

The tilt of the picture is generally due to the insufficient fixation of the position of the on-board car cameras. It is recommended to adjust the camera bracket.
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