What are the benefits of installing a car camera?

What are the benefits of installing a car camera?

Mar 16, 2021

In the current situation of advanced technology and equipment, the continuous improvement of driving technology can free you from some unnecessary troubles. Installing a car camera can record everything that happens.

1. Visual reversing rear view system.

It is very cautious for veterans to drive a car to turn around or park in a garage. For novices, it’s even more frightening. I often see those cars with novice labels attached to the road, and the back is always scarred, so this is a very necessary thing to build a visual rear-view system, which is combined with infrared detection to form an image. , The sound feedback at the same time, the vision is as wide as driving to the front. It is not the same if the car reversing camera is installed. With the reversing image, you can observe the situation behind the car and help me adjust the driving in real time.

car camera

2. The on-board camera can record and record in real time.

Real-time video recording, this is the most important and the most important. As long as the car camera is connected to a small host computer to form a monitoring system, the whole driving process is equivalent to the "black box" we often hear. The occasional problems of individual friction between the party and vehicles are important evidence. This kind of original video recording, like a movie, shows the recorded events. , A small car camera, the driving experience brought to us is fun, safe and assured.