The working principle and installation requirements of the car camera.

The working principle and installation requirements of the car camera.

Apr 15, 2021

Working principle of car camera:

The car camera uses the chip to image, captures video and audio and transmits it to the car video recorder host or directly presents it on the reversing monitor. Help driving vehicles retain driving evidence and assist safe driving.

Requirements for car camera installation:

The following briefly introduces the installation skills and troubleshooting of the car camera.

1. The working temperature of most car cameras is between -30°-50°C. Because it is installed inside the car, the temperature requirements are higher than those of ordinary monitoring hosts. The car cameras are mainly used to monitor the drivers and flight attendants. Status, and time monitoring of emergencies provide good evidence for traffic accidents and function as a car black box.

car camera

2. Vehicle-mounted cameras generally have two storage devices, ordinary computer hard drives and SD cards. SD cards are characterized by good shock resistance, but their storage space is relatively small, only about 8 hours, and the maintenance cost is relatively large; The hard disk can support 300g and can record video for one month.

3. In fact, in addition to the monitoring function, the car camera also has the functions of multimedia playback, vehicle speed, license plate number, speed superimposition, driver information, gps/gprs and wireless transmission.

4. Because of the particularity of the vehicle-mounted camera installation, there are certain requirements when installing it. It needs to be small in size, light in installation, not to affect the passenger's riding environment, and needs to be firm and stable, otherwise it will affect the monitoring effect. The most important thing is that there must be an infrared light so that it can be monitored even when the light is bad. It is recommended to use small dome and conch cameras with built-in infrared lights.

5. With the development of science and technology, the performance characteristics of on-board cameras have become more and more advanced, and the scope of application has become more and more extensive.