Reasons restricting development

Reasons restricting development

Jul 27, 2021

Reasons restricting development
According to the "Moore's Law" of hardware development in the IT industry, digital cameras also follow its development rules, and it is believed that they will develop rapidly in the next few years. From the perspective of market conditions, the factors restricting the development of cameras are mainly due to the following reasons:

1. The camera market started late, and consumer awareness and acceptance is low, so the penetration rate is low, and the market capacity is not increasing fast enough, and certain guidance is needed to promote market consumption.

2. The actual application of the camera is not wide enough and has certain limitations. It is still sold as a consumer product. Consumers only use it as a tool for video chatting, making simple personal image collections, and simple surveillance systems.

3. The limitations of computer hardware, such as computer display card, monitor resolution, and USB1.1 interface speed, will affect the real popularity of high-resolution cameras.

Real application

It is widely used in agriculture, military, transportation, and so on. It is widely used and very important, especially in transportation and public security.

1. Traffic management: Having a camera makes traffic management more convenient and efficient

2. The police solve the case: the camera is very important in the police case. You can solve the case through the camera on the road and the camera in the community.
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