Precautions for selecting a driving video recorder.

Precautions for selecting a driving video recorder.

May 18, 2021

1. Look at the breadth of vision of the driving video recorder.

When we choose a driving video recorder, the camera must use a wide-angle, at least 120 degrees, so that we can take a clear picture of the blind spots in front of the driving and on both sides of the vehicle that are prone to accidents and collisions.

2. Look at the resolution of the driving video recorder.

In the case of sufficient field of view, high resolution should also be selected. For the recorder that is mainly used to prevent ceramics, but the resolution is too high will greatly reduce the service life of the memory card, and shorten the recordable time of each card. The number of pixels corresponding to a 1080P image is exactly 2.1 million. No matter how many pixels there are, the increase in definition is not obvious, but the night vision effect will be worse due to the decrease in the light input of each pixel, so the 1080P image resolution is the most suitable.
3. The driving video recorder must have a good night vision effect.

Because the visibility on the road is low when driving at night, if the clarity is not enough, the farther sign is not clear, then the role of the driving video recorder is greatly reduced. We need to choose a driving video recorder with infrared night vision function.

4. The driving video recorder must have good endurance.

Although the body of the dash cam on the market now has its own battery, most of the products maintain a short working time, so the dash cam can continue to work during the day, but it shuts down at night due to the limitation of the power capacity.

5. The driving video recorder must have a gravity lock function.

When the car is violently shaken, similar to a collision accident, this video will be locked and not covered by the new video, which is the video evidence for future accident damage and accident disputes.
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