Install on-board car cameras to realize remote monitoring of trucks.

Install on-board car cameras to realize remote monitoring of trucks.

Apr 06, 2021

In recent years, there have been frequent traffic accidents in the logistics and freight transportation and vehicle transportation industries. Therefore, it is necessary to install remote on-board car cameras on transportation vehicles for real-time remote monitoring and assist transportation companies in effective supervision.

In the monitoring scenario of logistics and freight vehicles, general logistics and freight companies will monitor the delivery process of the goods to ensure that the goods can be delivered to the customer site smoothly. By installing high-definition in-vehicle car cameras on the driver's cab, above and on the side of the cargo box, the road conditions directly in front of and on the side of the vehicle can be viewed completely and clearly. The video information of the driver and the interior of the car can also be clearly seen. The recorded video is transmitted to the vehicle-mounted video host in real time, and then uploaded to the back-end server of the transportation company when the host passes the 4G signal. Therefore, the enterprise administrator can monitor and manage the vehicle in time.

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The road condition camera is aimed at the real-time road conditions in front of the vehicle. It has the characteristics of fast response, obvious contrast, high-definition imaging, and also has the effect of infrared night vision. When the vehicle is driving at night, it can provide a clear picture for a long time.

For road condition monitoring on the outside of the vehicle, the high-definition waterproof car camera is IP68 dustproof and waterproof, using original imported Sony chips, high-sensitivity originals, high infrared penetration rate, and high night vision effects.

The high-definition car camera is the core component of vehicle remote monitoring. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose a car camera with high stability and clear imaging.