Hongqi Product Development1321

Hongqi Product Development1321

Oct 23, 2020

We can often see or hear reports of accidents in our daily lives, and problems can easily occur when reversing. It is very common to see a dedicated person commanding the assistance in the back of vehicle when reversing.

Although more and more drivers are now paying attention to the safety of driving and reversing, and they will deliberately install a reversing radar or 360 HD panoramic AVM system in their vehicles to improve driving convenience and safety. But there's no doubt that rear-view cameras are a must-have for every car. While nowadays there are a lot of cameras in the market need to drill holes on the vehicle or impact the appearance after installation, so a customized, non-impact installation of the rear view cameras is very important, now we will talk about this topic here with you. First of all, most of the universal cameras in the market currently are generally used to be installed on the top of the license plate frame separately, it looks prominent and ugly, but if you use a customized camera for specific car model, this issue will be easily and perfectly solved. Here's an example of our latest custom-made Red Flag H5 rear view camera: 

Universal rear view

Red Flag H5 customized rear view camera


Which camera will you choose for your car after reviewing the comparison pictures? The universal model or the customized one? For me, I prefer the customized camera which will make my car look better.
In addition to the newly developed H5 customized camera mentioned above, Candid also manufactures a lot more different models of customized cameras for different cars’ usage. You are welcome to visit our product center online to learn more if you have any interests. I’m sure we will satisfy you with more than 17 years experiences in this industry of customized projects if you are looking for a customized camera!

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