Mark it! This article gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Mark it! This article gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Apr 10, 2024

There is less than one month left before the Hong Kong Electronics Fair starts on April 13. Do you plan to attend? If you are still hesitant, you may wish to follow the footsteps of Candid to see whether it is worth participating!

The products exhibited at the Hong Kong Electronics Show cover all aspects of automotive and vehicle electronic products, audio-visual, multimedia, digital imaging, home appliances, communications and so on. The time of the spring 2024 Hong Kong Electronics is from April 13 to April 16, will contiue 4 days.

Hong Kong Electronics Show is the largest electronics show in the world, from the perspective of exhibition planning, mainly divided into product area, brand area, start-up area. Among them, the product area occupies most of the area, which is given by the exhibition to cooperate with the development trend of the industry, from household appliances to vehicle electronics, and then to artificial intelligence products, covering the entire electronics industry.

From one successful case to another, buyers participating in the Hong Kong Electronics Show can get:
①Multiple suppliers that match their business
“I've met over 20 suppliers just on the first day”——Head of Technology from Australia

②High quality electronic products and customized services
“What HKTDC delivers is always high quality, I would say it’s the industry standard”——Private Label Director from Poland。

③Potential products and development trends in the electronics industry
“So far, I have found four potential suppliers. I plan to place trial orders worth US$20,000 in total with these new suppliers.”——Car electronics dealer from Indonesia

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If you're looking for new projects in the electronics industry,
If you want to expand into new markets

Welcome to the 2024 Hong Kong Electronics Fair
Date: April 13-16, 2024
ADD: 5 / F, Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth number: 5C-C34
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Hong Kong Electronics Fair
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