Do you know what the car black box is made of

Do you know what the car black box is made of

Oct 19, 2021

Car black box is mainly composed of recorder, display, data acquisition and processing card, PC processing software and sensor. Its functions and functions are as follows:

Recorder: It can objectively and accurately record a variety of working conditions in the car, such as forward, backward, acceleration and deceleration, uniform speed, turning, climbing, bridge, bridge, idling, speed parameters. When there is an accident or the power is cut off, the originally recorded data can be kept intact, and generally can be kept for up to 10 years.

Display: It can display the dynamic data of the car in time when it is driving. It is located on the dashboard for the driver to grasp the car condition and make corrections and controls.

Data acquisition and processing card: It is a magnetic card for portable data acquisition, storage, display, archiving, alarm, and reception. After inserting the recorder, it will be displayed in text, and it can record the license plate number, driver's license number, collection time and various Work data in the state; it is also possible to send some collected data to the computer to archive for image processing and accident analysis. Magnetic cards can also be used for car robbery, theft, receiving calls when the car is stolen, and for disarming the alarm.

PC processing software system: It can directly collect and set the car parameters, time, and speed limit range in the recorder, and can also reproduce the trajectory of the car in the accident in the form of a graph.

Sensor: It can provide the recorder with the speed, signal and direction of the car when driving.