Application in car

Application in car

Jul 27, 2021

Application in car
Car effect
a. Rear view of van
b. In-car (security, door, luggage compartment) monitoring

c. Special vehicle image security recording and monitoring (bank cash transport vehicles, urban management vehicles, engineering vehicles, etc.)

d. Rear view of car in reverse

e. Front view of car

f. Bus camera

Vehicle trends
a. Car electronics has transitioned from audio applications to audio and video multi-function applications. The camera is an important part of the car video.

b. With the popularization of rear-mounted and front-mounted displays on vehicles, cameras have been driven to popularize applications.

c. The globalization of the popularization of car families and the congestion of driving and parking provide a lot of demand for camera-assisted reversing.

d. The humanized design of automobiles and customer needs drive the development and application of this technology and products. Some models have begun to configure camera products when they leave the factory.

e. The maturity of the camera technology itself and the adaptability of the vehicle environment have eliminated the technical bottleneck.

Application period
a. Front-mounted: Designed in sync with the car, and some models have been launched. In a period of time, the proportion is not large.

b. 4S installation: dedicated car camera, synchronized with car sales. Different products need to be launched according to the vehicle type to achieve the purpose of beautiful installation and convenient application.

c. After-market modification: Generally, general-purpose cameras are used, and the price is lower. The domestic after-market channel sales and foreign trade sales mainly focus on such products and applications.

Car sales
a. Bundled sales with rearview mirrors, automatic screens and other display screens;

b. Bundled sales with the visual reversing radar;

c. Sell as a standalone product
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