About the remote control of the camera

About the remote control of the camera

Jul 27, 2021

About the remote control of the camera
regular version
1. The remote surveillance camera is a remote surveillance camera, mainly divided into three types: normal version, enhanced version and outdoor version. It can rotate 320 degrees left and right and 60 degrees up and down to monitor, take pictures and videos, and send photos and videos. To the mailbox or FTP server, the camera has a motion detection function, and can be set to send e-mail alerts and so on. The most fundamental part of the network remote monitoring camera and the traditional camera is that there is no need for wiring or large-scale hardware assistance. As long as a network cable, you can remotely monitor the place you want to monitor from any corner of the world.

2. The normal version of the networked remote monitoring camera is a new generation of cameras that combines traditional cameras and network technology. As long as the networked camera is plugged into the network cable (without a computer), it can transmit the image to the earth through the network. another side. You can remotely control the camera to 320 degrees left and right, rotate 60 degrees up and down, monitor, and record the surveillance picture, and send it to the mailbox or FTP server... Install a webcam camera in your company or warehouse, storefront, or home, then even if you arrive Others can also be monitored remotely as long as they have access to the Internet. Ordinary companies build a video control platform. No tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands cant do it, and they can only implement control on a fixed surveillance platform (you cant control at home or in other places), and buy a webcam camera. The installation is simple (just plug in the network cable), no port mapping is required, the deployment cost is low, and it can be monitored in a remote place.

Enhanced Edition
(2) The enhanced version of the networked remote monitoring camera is more powerful than the ordinary version of the enhanced version of the networked remote monitoring camera. It can easily realize the low network bandwidth transmission of high-definition images, and the image is clearer than the normal version of the camera. New functions such as video and audio transmission, dynamic alarm, set alarm time zone, automatic recovery of abnormalities, automatic connection after network interruption and other new functions.

(3) Outdoor version: Compared with the former two, the outdoor version of the network remote monitoring camera has its superior performance in the powerful outdoor video monitoring function. Unlike the enhanced version, it uses a professional CCD sensor (420 Line), hemispherical protective cover, waterproof and high temperature resistance, inhibits strong light, infrared night vision; can adapt to harsh outdoor environments, support wireless routing, etc., generally used in wilderness areas, taboo areas, dangerous areas, such as construction sites, Residential villas, factories, vaults, construction sites, etc. It is the most suitable to use it to monitor the health of pregnant women in real time to protect their personal safety.
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