Oct 23 2020
Candid Updates ∣ ADAS+12.3” Electronic Rear View Mirror released In 2020, Candid officially released an electronic rear view mirror which can replace the traditional rear view mirror, with so powerful funct
Oct 24 2020
Lean on the new dynamic live streaming, Candid successfully held the first live streaming show on Alibaba.com International. Date: August 10th, 2020 Candid aired the first live broadcast on the platform of Alibaba.co
Dec 16 2020
COMS technology is generally used according to the needs of automotive applications, and automotive camera modules also have other requirements in terms of process and packaging. Compared with the mobile phone camera, th
Dec 21 2020
For in-vehicle applications, car cameras are the same as mobile phone cameras. They mainly use CMOS instead of CCD as optical sensors. The main reasons are as follows: The primary characteristic that the sensor used i